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Swimyourswim Membership Form

Please complete this form to become a SYS Member.  We require this information in the case of emergencies only.  We hold your data securely for no other purpose than the smooth running of SYS and to provide you with a safe and secure environment to swim.  Data is held by us in accordance with the UK GDPR regulations for a period of no longer than 2 years.

Your Details & Contact Info

Emergency Contact Info

Your Medical Info

Please tell us if you have ANY medical conditions.  Type 'NONE' if you don't have any.

Do you take any regular medication? (Please select)

If you answered 'YES' to the previous question, please provide details of the medication you are using including name, dosage and purpose.


I understand that cold water swimming is an extreme sport and has potentially serious health risks.  I agree to operate under the instruction of the Swimyourswim coaches at all times during the coached Swimyourswim sessions.  I understand, and agree, that I enter the water during Swimyourswim sessions under my own volition and free will, and therefore I am fully responsible should any injury, accident or misfortune occur to myself.

I agree to Swmyourswim Ltd keeping the information I have input above electronically for a period of two years in line with the UK GDPR regulations and SYS's GDPR policy.

You are missing some information. Please complete sections highlighted in red and re-submit.

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